Would you like to host your event with us? At Monkey Beach, we make it easy for you

events restaurant terrace in Costa Adeje

Recently renovated in 2014, we have different areas for hosting all kinds of events and celebrations. We celebrate special private parties, such as birthdays, weddings, pre-wedding dinners, baptisms and first communions, and hen parties.

We also offer company events. We help you organize product launches or presentations for your company, Team Building, meetings or in-house celebrations. We are specialised in event organisation.


Food and décor in our events

catering events restaurant terrace Costa Adeje

Our locally and nationally award-winning cuisine is specially designed for event organisation and it provides several options. We offer gala dinners, finger food, barbecues, kid menus, and we adapt all special requests. Our events even have the option to have a customised menu from the very beginning. The best combination for these events is our ambience and entertainment. Our events include music entertainment, DJ sessions, shows and performances, full party themes… Anything you can think of!



Wedding (and pre-wedding parties), baptisms or first communions events

At Monkey Beach Club, we love hosting wedding parties. Our spectacular views to the ocean and the Gomera Island make the Monkey Beach Club a magic place for this special day: your wedding. Our cuisine, carefully designed for your event, is also a highlight of this special day thanks to our chefs elaboration. Our wedding menus are completely customizable, which allows us to accommodate all kinds of celebrations and meet every couple’s needs. In order to continue enjoying your wedding party, we also provide you with the best atmosphere, music entertainment, DJ sessions, parades, etc. All of it also features spectacular lighting and sound so that you can further enjoy your day or night. Can you think of anywhere better to celebrate your wedding?

We can’t forget about the increasingly popular pre-wedding parties. Are you getting married in the South of Tenerife? Would you like to gather your guests the previous day so that they can get to know each other? We have a great plan for you! Something more casual than the actual wedding party. We suggest you watch the sunset while you enjoy a cocktail or barbecue. This is the best option to break the ice.

Last but not least, those who organise their wedding might end up hosting a baptism or first communion party. Celebrate this special day with us. We will do our best to make it unforgettable.


wedding event Costa Adeje, Tenerife Monkey Beach Clubwedding event Costa Adeje, southern Tenerife Monkey Beach Clubwedding celebration Costa Adeje, Tenerife Monkey Beach Club



Team building events and corporative celebrations

We organise Team Building events for groups, which may include activities at the beach or at the beach club. This is a great way to gather your team and have them enjoy they day with good food, a friendly environment and music, all of it in a nice setting.

If you would like to host a company lunch or dinner, an award ceremony or any other company event you need, we’ll help you work it out.


team building events southern tenerife Monkey Beach Clubteam building events tenerife Monkey Beach Clubcorporative celebrations southern tenerife Monkey Beach Club



Event organisation for product presentations

We have a multifunctional space to run any product or company presentation. The location has different areas that adapt to any presentation needs. We also offer a stage and technical equipment with a 15 m2 LED display that’s perfect for any presentation.


product presentations Costa Adeje, Tenerife monkey beach clubRestaurant to product presentations in Costa AdejeCelebrate company presentations in Costa Adeje, Arona, South Tenerife



Hen and Stag Parties Organisation

Monkey Beach Club is one of the most complete options for hen parties or stag parties both during the day and at night. For the day, we offer the perfect plan: a beach day in our terrace with Bali sunbeds, finger food or paella for lunch, and our popular cocktails. For the night, the best option is a dinner by the ocean and some drinks in our chill-out area. To entertain your party, we offer cocktail shows or strippers… If you prefer anything else, let us know!


hen and stag parties Costa Adeje, southern Tenerifehen stag parties Costa Adeje, Arona, South Tenerifehen and stag parties Costa Adeje, Arona, South Tenerife



Theme Parties Organisation

Virtually anything you can think of is feasible at Monkey Beach Club. We specialise in theme party organisation, which we host every Sunday at our club. We turn the area into a totally custom space for the occasion and, along with a matching menu, we achieve that every guest is part of the show. Circus, pirates, carnival, space, retro-pop, country parties, football… Anything you can imagine.


theme parties Costa Adeje, Tenerife monkey beach clubTheme events in Costa Adeje, southern Tenerifetheme parties in Costa Adeje, Arona, South Tenerife