the concept

It is our balcony facing the sea. The new meeting point. The obligatory stop in the south of Tenerife. The stop along the way to enjoy an aperitif, a cocktail, a coffee or a drink. Our busiest bar, with a sophisticated, wildlife, enveloping decoration. With friends, family, as a couple or alone. A viewpoint where, in addition, you can enjoy the incomparable sunset that accompanies the entire Monkey Beach Club. Our bartenders are waiting for you to make you feel at home. You won’t want to leave. You won’t want to leave.

the cocktail bar

Signature cocktail bar that adds to a wide variety of drinks




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“From Tenerife to Monkey,
from monkey to heaven

Signature cocktail bar that adds to a wide variety of drinks .


  • Chunkey Monkey

    Butterscotch and cocoa liqueurs blended with vanilla ice cream, biscuits and crushed ice. Definitely one of our best frozen. Like drink liquid cookies!

  • Call a taxi

    Don´t even think about driving after one of these! White rum, pineapple liquor, mango liquor, malibu coconut & passoa. Blended with mango and crushed ice.

  • Monkey Tea Time

    Vodka, gin, rum, lychee and passoa shaken with fresh lemon juice, topped with cava.

  • Purple Rain

    Vodka, gin, rum, peach liquor and blue curaçao shaken with fresh lemon juice & sugar syrup. Topped with sprite and grenadine.

  • Ride The Monkey

    Making our own way cooler: orange, lime, strawberries and mint with Bullet Bourbon and blackberry vodka.

  • Black Caipirovska

    Fresh limes muddled with cane sugar and blackberry vodka served over crushed ice.

  • Pornstar Martini

    Vodka vanilla, 43 liquor, passion fruit and fresh orange juice and a shot of cava.

  • FBI

    Baileys, Kahlua, vodka & vanilla Ice cream blended with crushed ice.

  • Monkey Be

    Puree of mandarin, fresh pineapple juice, coconut cream, rum and triple sec


  • Frozen Margarita

    A blend of tequila, fresh fruit, fruit liqueur and crushed ice. Available in your choice of flavour: strawberry, mango, pineapple, melon or banana.

  • Mojito Frozen

    Our most refreshing frozen twist on the cuban classic. White rum, sugar, fresh lime juice and mint leaves blended with crushed ice.

  • Mojito

    White rum, sugar, fresh lime juice and mint leaves served over crushed ice with a touch of soda.

  • Piña Colada

    White rum & coconut, blended with fresh pineapple & cream.

  • Frozen Daiquiri

    A blend of rum, fresh fruit, fruit liqueur and crushed ice. Available in your choice of flavour: strawberry, pineapple, mango, melon or banana.

  • White Sangría

    Cava, mixed fruits, banana liqueur, brandy, Cointreau, and orange juice. Topped with sprite.

  • Red Sangría

    Red wine, mixed fruits, banana liqueur, brandy, Cointreau, and orange Juice. Topped with Sprite.


  • Poinsettia

    Sparkling wine, Cointreau & cranberry juice.

  • Bellini

    Sparkling wine, Archers & peach juice.

  • Aperol Spritz

    Aperol & sparkling wine finished with soda water.

  • Italicus Spritz

    Fresh mix of Italicus Bergamotto liquor, sparkling wine served on ice with soda.

  • Kir Royale

    Sparkling wine & Cassis liqueur.

  • Rossini

    Sparkling wine, strawberry puree & strawberry liqueur.

  • Monkiss

    Sparkling wine & violet syrup.


  • Virgin Daiquiri

    A blend of fruit, syrup, lime juice and crushed ice. Choose from strawberry, pineapple, mango, banana or melon.

  • Virgin Tutti Frutti

    A shake of orange and grapefruit juice with passion fruit topped with frozen grenadine.

  • Ice Cream Milkshake

    A blend of milk & ice cream, fruit or syrup. Choose from strawberry, chocolate, vanilla or banana. Available as extra thick or thin.

  • Fuzzy Jazz

    Lima Fresca machacada con Angostura y terminado con Sprite. Servido con Hielo Picado

  • Fake Mojito

    Sugar, fresh lime juice and mint leaves served over crushed ice and fill with sprite.

  • Nada Colada

    Cream & pineapple fruit blended with crushed ice with non alcoholic coconut & rum syrup.

classic & very classics

  • Moscow Mule

    The famous mug of vodka, lime, bitters & ginger beer. So spiced!

  • Hungry Mary

    Our twist on Bloody Mary: vodka, fresh lemon juice, secret Monkey mix & tomato juice.

  • Mai Tai

    A superclassic of tiki culture: mix of rum, orange curaçao, almond syrup & lime juice.

  • Dark & Stormy

    Like a Bermuda´s hurrycane, it´s a spicy drink with fresh lime juice, ginger beer and caribbean dark rum

  • Old Fashioned

    The great classic, choose the spirit, we’ll do the rest… Served with handcutting ice cube.

  • Singapore Sling

    A Mix of gin, lime juice, Benedictine, Cherry brandy, Triple sec, Angostura bitter, granadine & Pinneaple juice

  • Grasshopper

    A mix of mint liqueur, Withe cacao liqueur & cream

the beach tendency

  • Monkey on the beach

    A delicious blend of refreshing flavors: Vodka Pear, Melon Liqueur, Sour Apple Liqueur shaken with Lime Juice and Cucumber Syrup.

  • Sex on the beach

    One of the most popular cocktails: Vodka, Peach liqueur shaken with Orange and Cranberry Juice.

  • Momentum (WorldClass Spain 2022)

    Fermented tomato juice, tuna fig chutney, and hot pepper red onion.

gin tonic perfect serve

  • Monkey 47

    Gin with 47 botanical elements, we prepared it with citrus peel and an karkadé infusion.

  • Hendrick´s

    Very fresh gin, unique for its flavor created from the essence infusion of rose and cucumber. We serve it with cucumber slices.

  • G´Vine Nouaison

    French-inspired floral-fruity gin distilled from the grape, prepared with ginger and black grape.

  • Brockmans

    Elegant, sophisticated and aromatic gin with fruity notes. We serve it with forest fruits.

  • Beefeater 24

    Twelve selecionated botanical elements are infused for 24 hours and give to this gin some citric notes and tea aromas. We prepare it with dehydrated grape fruit.

  • Plymouth

    This the gin, the classic! The only one with the appellation of origin. Great balance, color and only one way to make the perfect serve: lemon in all its versions!

  • Sipsmith

    Hand-crafter distilled from 10 carefully selected botanicals. We serve it with citrus peel.

  • GinMare

    Elaborated from 100% Mediterranean botanicals, this Spanish gin is served with basil and Arbequina olive.

dessert cocktails

  • Oreo & Dreams

    A mix of Baileys, mint liqueur, vanilla ice cream, crushed ice and, of course Oreo cookies !!!

  • New York Cheesecake

    Blackberry & blackcurrant, yogurt liqueur, white chocolate, biscuits, philadelphia & vanilla ice cream.

  • Strawberry Shortcake

    Disaronno, strawberry liqueur blended with fresh strawberries, vanilla ice cream and crushed ice.

  • Tiramisú

    Cacao brown liqueur, coffee liqueur, Disaronno, cream & cocoa powder.

  • Banoffi Pie Tini

    A shaked cocktail with vodka, vanilla & banana liqueur, Butterscotch liqueur & toffee.

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